As a child growing up on a farm in South Africa, I had a penchant for collecting pretty stones on the mountain paths and riverbeds in the hope that one day I would be lucky enough to find a real diamond, which unfortunately never happened, but the dream grew as did the stories around each stone I picked up or purchased.

This passion, finally led me to give up my career in cardiology and together with my sister, a fashion designer, we decided to collect and design a chest full of sparkling, colourful and exquisite stones set simply, but elegantly and give all the beautiful women out there a chance to create their own distinctive stories and memories to pass down their very own line of special people.

Our Ethos

We are uncompromising on quality and design. Hand made with clean contemporary lines, the styles show off the light, colour and lustre of our carefully chosen gem stones individually cut for each piece.

Our gorgeous jewellery is very wearable and transcends easily from a day to evening look. We believe splendid jewellery should be worn on all occasions and be accessible to all, hence our competitive pricing.

Only precious metals are used, sterling silver and 18 carat gold vermeil. We celebrate all precious and semi-precious gems stones, even the modest and unknown, finding beauty in each stone’s natural qualities and appearance. Traditional stone cutters cut and polish the stones to our precise designs and standards for each piece of Shakara jewellery.

We use age-old traditional jewellery making techniques to create modern pieces for women of all ages in the 21st century.

Through the association of expert cottage industry manufacturers, we believe in allying with the local community and work with them to adhere to appropriate principals of fair trade and labour practices.