Gemstones and their protective powers

Labradorite EMBRACE bracelet

Today many of us enjoy wearing beautiful jewellery and many precious gems throughout the mineral kingdom are used in the finest of jewellery.  But many years ago, the value of precious gems was not monetary, it was more about the power of their protective properties. The Ancient Egyptians are particularly well known for using precious and semi-precious stones for their health and protection.

Over the past year the world has been plunged into uncertainty and now more than ever, it seems appropriate to wear beautiful jewellery which includes the use of protective stones within its design.

Carin Murphy, Shakara Jewellery’s designer has chosen three beautiful gemstones which are not only gorgeous to wear, but also offer protective qualities to the wearer.   These gemstones can be found in her earring, ring and necklace designs and more recently have featured in her range of lovely friendship bracelets, which were launched in late 2020.

Labradorite necklace Banish fear and insecurity

Labradorite is considered a stone of transformation, banishing fear and insecurity by supporting the wearer through periods of change and uncertainty.  This stone is said to gift the wearer with inner strength and perseverance, raising consciousness and grounding spiritual energy.   This beautiful gemstone will stimulate the imagination but calms an overactive mind.  This is very useful if you are someone who worries a lot and creates “negative stories” in your mind.  Discover Labradorite jewellery


Lapis Lazuli EMBRACE bracelet

Embody strength, courage and wisdom

Lapis Lazuli has been considered  a stone of protection for centuries and has been used to dissolve negative energy.  This stone has  been associated with strength, courage, royalty, wisdom, intellect and truth and is said to encourage serenity, calming bad tempers, releasing stress, and bringing balance to the mind and body.  The ancient Egyptians regarded Lapis Lazuli as a symbol of the night sky, whilst the Sumerians believed that the spirit of their gods lived within the stone.

Lapis Lazuli is an incredible blue colour and is said to boost the immune system, purify blood and lower blood pressure which is very useful if you are feel over stressed.  This mid to deep blue gemstone is also believed to alleviate insomnia and help those who suffer from vertigo. Browse our gorgeous Lapis Lazuli friendship bracelets.


Black Spinel necklace and ringSmarten up your look

The protective deep black stone which is black spinel is another semi-precious gemstone which repels negativity.  Dispelling anger and resentment it will help the wearer feel more grounded. This gemstone is said to inspire the wearer and offer empowerment without overwhelming others and is ideal if you are feeling less than confident.

Black Spinel gemstone has a powerful energy and for centuries has been considered highly amongst healers around the world. Spiritual healers use it, as it is said to help with physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances and assist individuals return to an original healthy state.

Due to the shiny black finish, any jewellery containing this gemstone has the ambiance of being sophisticated, and will work well with any outfit when you are wishing to look smart and confident.  Smarten up any outfit with black spinel.

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